Our GowPala’s believe in feeding Cows from our own cultivated farms. They feel that the nutritional value of the milk is to a great extent proportional to the quality of green fodder and the right protein intake by the cows Our Milk is

  • Farm Fresh - We deliver milk within 2 to 3 hrs from milking . This helps in retaining all good properties in milk.
  • Natural - Our Milk is natural. We don’t inject any hormones and avoid antibiotics that have harmful effect . We understand that your health is more important than anything else.
  • Un Adulterated - We deliver the Milk in its purest form. We are vehemently against use of artificial thickeners which have an effect on individuals health.
  • A2 Milk - Our Milk is free from Beta Casomorphin which is major cause of Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases.

A2 Ghee

Our GowPalas use the traditional process to make Vedic Ghee.

A2 Ghee of Gir cows is full of Nutrition and very good for health. Regular consumption of this Ghee increases metabolic rate,, boosts energy and enhances the memory power .

GowPala’s A2 Ghee has short chain fatty acids which are easily digestible , helps in hormone production and strengthen the cell membrane.

It has also been observed that Consumption of A2 Ghee made out of native cows milk reduces the cholesterol levels and strengthens the heart condition.

The Ghee which is available in the present day market uses cream separator for taking out cream from the milk . This is further heated up for making the ghee . This truly speaking is not ghee as it is not cultured and devoid of rich nutrition.

A2 Ghee