Why A2 Milk

Research across the world has established that the Milk from Indian breed of cows is much superior with very high nutritional value. Unfortunately over the years the Indian Dairy Farmers have sold their native breed and started rearing the high yielding Holstein Friesian, Jersey and other cattle to increase their Milk Production.

In the Early 2000 the researchers have found that the milk of Jersey, HF and few other foreign as well as cross breeds has the presence of Beta Casomorphin (BCM-7) an opiod which is a major cause for Type 1 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Autism. Keith Woodford’s Book “Devil in the Milk “illustrates the negative effects of consuming A1 Milk of these cows on individual’s health.

The Cardiologists and Other Health Professionals have also observed a high incidence of diabetes and Heart diseases in India over last 30 years. The Diabetic cases as a percentage of population in India grew much faster than any other country in the last 3 decades.

On the Contrary the Milk from the Indian Breed of Cows which is popularly known as A2 Milk has no traces of BCM 7 and is being consumed in New Zealand, Brazil, Australia and many of the European countries. The Health of the population consuming A2 Milk in these countries is significantly better. A2 Milk Contains Beta Carotene, Calcium and all essential amino acids which help in promoting good health,

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